Saturday, 12 February 2011

Seventy years ago today...

12th February 2011: an appropriate date to begin this blog.

Seventy years ago today the Afrika Korps was formed under the personal order of Hitler himself. It would become one of the most formidable fighting forces in history, driving the British across the deserts of northern Africa until finally being beaten at the Battle of El Alamein.

But what if it had not been defeated? What if the Afrika Korps had emerged triumphant from the Sahara then turned south towards the equator?

What if the Nazis had conquered Africa?

That is the premise of my thriller THE AFRIKA REICH which is published on 17th February by Hodder & Stoughton.

This blog will start properly in the next few weeks. My plan is to write something that provides extra material for those who have read the book while hopefully intriguing those who haven’t.

Watch this space…


  1. i'm watching!! awwwww this is lovely!!

    i like it very much!!! it's red and black and very scary!! LOL!!

    i seriously cannot wait for my book!!!! is this your first comment?!??!?! where may followers join???

    it's great to keep the graphics and links simple - too often blogs cannot load up fast enough because of lots of widgets and what have you floating around - it could get frustrating. so simple and clean and red and black is great! yay!

    also alot of mainly writer-ly bloggers (kitty and pet bloggers don't seem to have problems with this!!! LOL!) don't like the word verification (i like it but then i'm weird!) i think you can disable it but still have control as to what comments to publish or not.

    is this helpful?!!? or are you just pleased to see me?? LOL!

    take care

  2. Hello Old Kitty

    I hope it's not too scary in red and black.

    Thanks for your comments and becoming a follower... why does that sound like such a daft thing to say!